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Team Lightbulb puts the focus on broadband.  From webinars to conferences to exhibits, we help educate broadband service providers and technology suppliers to telecom, emergency communications, cable and wireless on the opportunities and threats.  

Years of closely following how technology is changing the business of communications and entertainment, make us uniquely qualified to develop valuable content for broadband service providers and technology suppliers. 

Current Events

Free USTelecom Webinar: LTE Essentials

January 17, 2013 at 1:00 PM (ET)

Instructor  Annabel Z. Dodd, author of "The Essential Guide to Telecommunications, Fifth Edition” provides a valuable overview of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, services, opportunities, and issues.  More.


Broadband Unlimited at the 2013 International CES 

January 7, 2013

Broadband Unlimited, produced by Team Lightbulb, explores the connection between consumer demand for broadband-enabled devices and services and the resources that meet these demands. More.


Voice Innovation Summit 2012 - The All-IP Telco

November 15, 2012

USTelecom's third Voice Innovation Summit delivers new perspectives on how the voice communications market will look throughout the transition to an all-IP network and insight into what your business could look like after the switch. More.


Webinar: New Revenue Opportunities

October 23, 2012

Free for USTelecom members.  Learn how to monetize your network with usage-based pricing, applications charges, and other revenue generating ideas. More.


Telecom Finance Seminar for Non-Financial Managers

October 18

This online seminar explains general accounting principles, how your business makes money and the cost of doing business in a regulated but competitive environment. More.


Broadband Research Summit

Thursday, October 4

This online event showcases the results of current studies from leading research firms.  Plan to leave with the valuable facts and insight you need to transform your broadband from just a "dumb pipe" and to build a better broadband business. More.


7 Steps to Reaching Social Media Success

September 20

Join USTelecom and B2B social media experts The Targeted Group for this exclusive webinar designed to help broadband and telecom professionals leverage social media's unique opportunities to engage your most important contacts and key influencers. More.


Broadband Competition Breakfast Briefing

September 14

During this free breakfast briefing, innovation and technology policy thought leader, Robert D. Atkinson, will engage Jonathan Sallet and Jeff Eisenach in an interactive discussion of their views on the dynamics of broadband competition.  More.


The USTelecom 2012 Cybersecurity Toolkit

July 19

This free webinar introduces the content and key functionality of USTelecom's Cybersecurity Toolkit, which provides direct links to important information and resources. More.


HD Voice (Finally) Arrives.  What does it Mean to Your Business?

July 17

This free webinar provides an overview of the ecosystem of products and services delivering HD voice and discusses the trends for the proliferation of HD voice in markets around the world, including the obstacles that remain for ubiquitous wideband availability.  More.


Understanding Internet Peering - The Internet Ecosystem for the 21st Century

May 10

USTelecom’s Understanding Internet Peering Seminar provides critical insight into the past, present, and future of the Internet... and your role in it.  More.


USTelecom Management Series 2012

Valuable for both newcomers and veteran professionals looking for a refresher, USTelecom’s management seminars provide training and solutions for the business challenges facing you and your team. Each day-long seminar provides a game plan to revitalize the way you operate and adapt as the economy, evolving technologies, new competition, and accelerating consumer demand continue to change the rules. 


Marketing by the Numbers: Using Research to Fulfill Your Market Potential

March 27

Learn the methodologies – from random sampling to e-surveys – to build a comprehensive research program for your business.  More.


Human Resources

September 13

This seminar delves into the latest on performance-based pay, creating a competitive culture, improving morale, fulfilling goals and objectives, controlling resources, hiring and firing, and more. More.


Telecom Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

October 18

This course teaches managers about general accounting principles, how your business makes money and the cost of doing business in a regulated, but competitive environment. More.

Mobile Future Webinar:  The Internet’s Third Act:  The Connected Device Decade.

April 4 at 1 PM (ET). More.

Broadband Unlimited logo

Broadband Unlimited Conference at the 2012 International CES.  Monday, January 9. More>

USTelecom Broadband Research Web Summit.  October 19. More>


USTelecom webinar sponsored by iPass.  July 28.  More>


USTelecom Smart Grid Webinar and Breakfast Briefing.  More>


The Broadband Access Fundamentals seminar: May 11, Washington, DC. More>


Free Webinar: FCC Insight on USF and Intercarrier Compensation Reform: Wednesday, March 30. More>


The second USTelecom Telecom Finance for Non-Financial Managers Seminar: March 23, SureWest Headquarters, Sacramento, CA. More>


USTelecom webinar on Understanding the FCC's Open Internet RulesPresented on February 3.


Broadband Unlimited LogoBroadband Unlimited Conference at the 2011 International CES® January 5, 2011. More>


Free Google Voice Webinar:  Available On-demand.  More>


Wireline Webinar for USTelecom: Available On-Demand More>


USTelecom Broadband Research Summit: September 22 - 23.  More>


Free USTelecom Webinar (available on-demand):  Sponsored by Omnitron. More>

Free USTelecom webinars (available on-demand): Smart Grid Policy and Business Opportunities for Broadband Providers. More>


Free USTelecom Webinar: How a Zero-touch Solution Transforms the Delivery of Your Ethernet Business and Mobile Backhaul Services. Presented by Spirent. More>


Free USTelecom Webinar: ARPU Generating Mobile VoIP Solutions. Presented by GIPS. More>


Free NAB Show Webinar: Is the Television the Next Two-Way Communications Tool? Presented by GIPS. More>


Free USTelecom Webinar: Riding the Ethernet Wave to China - Different Types of Ethernet Service. Presented by China Telecom Americas. More>


The 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 NAB Shows: For the past four years, and again in 2010, Team Lighbulb has presented the Telecom Conference at the annual NAB Show. Providing information, resources and contacts for the building and maintaining of IPTV business was the focus of the conferences. More>

DigitalVision 2010: John Abel of Team Lightbulb is presenting the broadband session and answering broadband questions in the networking lounge at this online event produced by NewBay Media in partnership with The NAB Show.

IPTV Webinars for USTelecom: Team Lightbulb has produced dozens of webinars for the leading telecom association.The webinars assist telecom service providers to remain competitive in today's broadband world.

Webinars Produced for NENA: Working closely with NENA, Team Lightbulb is producing a series of webinars that assist emergency communications professionals use broadband to build a next generation call center. 

Virtual Trade Show for SBCA: Team Lightbulb aassisted SBCA with the launch of their first virtual trade show in November 2009.Using broadband technology, this industry event brought valuable education, technology contacts and networking to people who would normally not be able to attend an industry event.

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